Upgrade Your OS.

Is your older OS not what it used to be? Are you finding that you just can’t work as quickly or efficiently as you used to? It’s time to upgrade to a more modern OS. Let us bring you up to speed.

Uh Oh! Screen Cracked?

Broken and cracked iPhones have cost users over $5.9 billion since 2007. And the Apple Store does not repair, they just replace the entire device at a significant cost. We can save you money.

Beachball of Doom?

Caught in the throes of the dreaded spinning beachball? Has your Mac become slow or unresponsive? We’ll optimize your desktop or laptop Mac and have it purring.

Our Apple/Mac Services

Server Configuration

Setup for a server can be confusing. Managing users and the correct permissions, assigning needed services can be a daunting task. We can make the setup an easy one for you.

Drive and Data Recovery

Hard drive gone bad? Not able to boot or is your backup drive no longer working? We can get the data off your drive and restore your system to its former working glory.

Wireless Network Setup

Configuring, protecting and optimizing a wireless network for your home or office can be tricky. We’ll assess your situation and set you up so that you get exceptional coverage and peace of mind that your network is secure.

Software Training

Want to learn a new application? We also specialize in training for just about any application that runs on a Mac. Contact us to find out more about  one-on-one or group training.

Color Calibration

We can make your monitor, printer and scanner all play nice-nice with color. Advanced color calibration will ensure the image you see on your screen or that you scan in prints exactly as you expect it to.

Operating System Upgrades

That older OS slowing you down? Want your Mac purring like the lion, tiger or panther it used to be. We’ll optimize your system and bring you up to speed with the most current OS your computer can handle.

Mac/PC Integration

Are you running or need to run a mixed network of Macs and PCs? Want to be sure they all work well together and are able to integrate and access the same services on the network. We can make them talk to each other.

Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone, iPad or laptop petering out all too quickly? We use only Apple certified batteries to restore your device’s runtime to its original glory.


PC to Mac Migration

Have you decided to switch? Congratulations. We can get all the info you want off your Windows computer and transfer it to your shiny, new Mac. And we’ll show you how to use your new Mac applications to access the data in the process.

And that's just a small sampling of what we can offer.

We’re here to answer any query you might have, whether it is about our services, or even just for a bit of advice. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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About The Owner

John Barry, owner and Chief Technician, has been working with Apple/Mac products for over 25 years. His first computer was a 1990 Macintosh Classic, which in 2006 he converted to a fish bowl. He currently owns a MacBook Pro, an iMac, 2 27-inch Apple screens, 2 iPads, an iPhone 6, an Apple Time Capsule and an Apple TV.

John formed Macsperts in 2006 after moving to Block Island, Rhode Island, where his first company, SMALLHOUSE, was contracted to produce the island’s weekly newspaper.

  • Apple/Mac Knowledge 100% 100%
  • Windows/PC Knowledge 85% 85%
  • Web Design 95% 95%
  • Graphic Design 100% 100%
  • Skiing Ability 56% 56%
  • Golfing Ability 25% 25%

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

My Airport Extreme wasn’t working. Macsperts had it back up and running faster and better than it had been.

Marilyn Bogdanffy


Macsperts provided training classes for our faculty. I was able to use the knowledge gained to help my students augment their creative sides.

Lauri McTeague

Technology Coordinator

I get all my Apple products serviced by Macsperts. I even bought my most recent iPad from one of their refurbished product offerings.

Scott Cooper

Digital DJ

Macsperts fixed my iPhone’s cracked screen. The level of professionalism was top-notch.

Diana Delgado


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